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GILBERT HOLMSTRÖM - A Celebration of 50 Years in Jazz

Anagram CD 15Gilbert Holmström - A Celebration of 50 Years in Jazz

Gilbert Holmström has been a professional jazz musician for just on 50 years. He combined his musical career with that of a dentist, filling cavities by day and concert halls and clubs by night. During the early years he played straight modern jazz with strong free overtones and later, with his group “Mount Everest”, free jazz and fusion. The performances on this CD are drawn from the mid-sixties and showcase some of the best of Gilbert Holmström’s free jazz playing from that period.

The first four tracks make up “Liten Jazzsvit” on which Gilbert Holmström plays C-melody saxophone, and shows off his compositional skills. The ensemble playing consists of his colleagues from the Thomas Fehling Sextet plus Hans Löfman on bass and Fredrik Norén on drums. The final three tracks feature Brian Trentham, a quite brilliant American trombone player, who was on an extended sojourn in Sweden with Don Cherry and George Russell.

In introducing “Liten Jazzsvit” the Swedish jazz critic Ingemar Glanzelius said, “You may sit there and miss notes, sounds and rhythms from the jazz music you are accustomed to. You may wonder what it is he is actually trying to say with his music…Relax. He has no other motive than that of rhythmic music. This music contains no deliberate symbols, none other than those you yourselves may create...”

Gilbert Holmström - C-melody saxophone; Arne Larsson - cornet; Thomas Fehling - tenor saxophone; Clas Fehling - piano; Hans Löfman - bass; Lars Burman - bass; Jackie Sundvall - drums; Fredrik Norén - drums; Anders Söderling - drums; Brian Trentham - trombone

1. FBG 2 3:35 Listen to extract (.wav)
2. Amie 6:48 Listen to extract (.wav)
3. Modiolus 8:54 Listen to extract (.wav)
4. Hinayana 12:32 Listen to extract (.wav)
5. Som Vindar 8:37 Listen to extract (.wav)
6. Blå Substans 8:26 Listen to extract (.wav)
7. Bats in the Belfry 5:32 Listen to extract (.wav)
8. Blå Band 12:21 Listen to extract (.wav)


Price: kr150

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